The highest expression of affection

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“Listen, O Israel !” (Dt 6:4)

For the Lord God, Israel is a toddler. Israel is the humans whom he has selected, begotten, brought up, held by the hand, raised to his cheek and taught to stroll (cf. Hos eleven:1-4), to whom — as the highest expression of affection — he continuously addressed his phrase, despite the fact that this humans did now not continually concentrate to it or taken into consideration it a weight, as a “law”.

The whole antique testomony is an invitation to listen, and listening is a manner of coming to the new Covenant when the Lord says: “i’m able to area my laws of their minds and i’m able to write them on their hearts; I could be their God and that they will be my people” (Heb eight:10; cf. Jer 31:33).

As a unfastened and liberating response of the new Israel to the thought of a new covenant, obedience flows from listening. Obedience is a part of the brand new Covenant, which has obedience for its unique function. From this it follows that obedience may be absolutely understood simplest inside the common sense of affection, intimacy with God and the definitive belonging to the one who finally units all unfastened.

Obedience to the word of God

The first act of obedience on the part of the creature is that of entering life in conformity with the divine fiat that calls one into being. Such obedience reaches its full expression in a creature loose to understand and be given him or herself as a present of the writer, to mention “yes” to entering being from God. This constitutes the primary real act of freedom which is likewise the first and essential act of actual obedience.

Therefore, the actual obedience of the believing person is adhering to the word with which God exhibits and communicates himself, and thru which he renews his covenant of love every day. From that phrase flowed existence which continues to be transmitted every day. therefore, every morning the believing person seeks a residing and devoted touch with the phrase which is proclaimed that day, meditating on it and preserving it in his or her heart as a treasure, making of it the foundation of every action and the primary criterion of each preference, allowing him or herself to be edified by way of that word.

And on the stop of the day putting him or herself before the word, praising God as Simeon did for having seen the fulfilment of the eternal word in the small occasions of the day (cf. Lk 2:27-32), and confiding to the strength of the word something has remained unaccomplished. The phrase, in truth, does now not work most effective through day, but constantly, because the Lord teaches in the parable of the seed (cf. Mk four:26-27).

The loving encounter with the word indicates one a way to find out the way to existence and the manner thru which God desires to loose his kids, nourishes one’s religious instincts for the things which are captivating to God, conveys the feel and the flavor for his will, gives peace and pleasure for staying trustworthy, making one sensitive and equipped for all of the expressions of obedience: to the Gospel (Rm 10:sixteen; 2 Th 1:eight), to the religion (Rm 1:five; sixteen:26; Acts 6:7), and to the truth (Gal five:7; 1 Pt 1:22).

However, one have to now not neglect that the true revel in of God continually stays an revel in of otherness.

“but exquisite the similarity that can be mounted between author and creature, the dissimilarity among them is continually greater”. The mystics and all the ones who’ve tasted intimacy with God, remind us that the touch with the sovereign thriller is usually touch with the alternative, with a will that’s at times dramatically varied from our personal.

To obey God manner in reality to go into into an order of values that’s “different”, taking on a new and exclusive sense of reality, experiencing an unthought-of freedom to reach the edge of the thriller: “For my mind are not your mind, nor are your ways my methods, says the Lord. As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are my ways above your methods and my thoughts above your mind” (Is 55:8-nine).

This stepping into the world of God can arouse fear. Such an enjoy based totally on the instance of the Saints can display that what’s not possible for man is made viable by means of God. moreover, it becomes proper obedience to the thriller of God who’s, on the identical time, “interior intimo meo” and radically different.