Serve him in justice and holiness

Smith Iron Steel Giuliano Negretto  - eliaclerici / Pixabay

“because freed we will serve him in justice and holiness”
(cf. Lk 1:74-75)

Whom are we looking for?

The Lord asks the first disciples, who, possibly, still unsure and doubtful begin to follow a brand new Rabbi: “What are you searching out?” (Jn 1:38). we will examine into this query different radical questions: What does your heart are seeking for? What worries you? Are you looking for yourself or are you looking for the Lord your God?

Are you pursuing your very own desires or the choice of the one who made your coronary heart and desires to carry it to fullness, as he knows and is aware it? Are you going for walks after best passing matters or are you searching for the only who does no longer pass away? “in this international of dissimilarity, with what do we want to be worried, Lord God?

From the growing of the sun to its placing I see guys beaten through the turmoil of this global: some look for riches, others, privilege, others another time the satisfactions of reputation,” determined St. Bernard.10
“Your face, O Lord, I are looking for” (ps 27:8) is the reaction of the person who has understood the individuality and the endless greatness of the mystery of God and the sovereignty of his holy will but is also the response, although it’s miles most effective implicit and burdened, of each human creature in search of truth and happiness.

Quaerere Deum has constantly been the quest of every being thirsting for absolutely the and the eternal. Many today tend to remember any kind of dependence humiliating, but the popularity of creature in itself implies being dependent on an different and, therefore, as a being in relation, dependent on others.

The believer seeks the dwelling and genuine God, the beginning and the cease of all matters, the God not made in his or her photo and likeness but the God who made us in his image and likeness, the God who makes acknowledged his will, who indicated the ways to attain him: “you may display me the direction of life, fullness of joys in your presence, delights at your right hand for all time” (ps 16:11).

To are seeking for the will of God manner to seek a friendly and benevolent will, which dreams our fulfilment, that desires, particularly, a free reaction in love to its love, for you to make people devices of divine love. it’s miles along this thru amoris that the flower of listening and obedience blooms.